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Quiet COORDINATES Acoustical SystemsCMA Quiet Coordinates

Quiet COORDINATES is a new acoustical product from CMA that is moderately priced, modular sized, easy to install and designed for applications in education and recreational environments.

CloudsQuiet COORDINATES utilizes a unique DUAL DENSITY Panel which greatly improves the resiliency to impact as well as the acoustical performance. Coupled with a PVCX Extrusion System, which can be completely recycled, it consists of only three different shapes. The extrusions encapsulate the panel, and allow the same components to be used as a Wall Panel, Baffle, or Cloud.

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CMA Banner Systems

CMA ProductsCMA Banner Systems are an inexpensive alternative to a conventional suspended ceilings and are available in 11 colors, including low gloss black. CMA Banner Systems are designed for horizontal and vertical installation for arenas, amphitheaters, sports facilities, as well as convention centers. These new and innoviative banner systems have facings include perforated vinyl (PVC) and sailcloth nylon. Plus, banners can be suspended from the structure by numerous methods.

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CMA IMPACT + PLUS CMA Banner Systems

IMPACT+PLUS Quiet Coordinates Wall Panels are the ultimate in High Abuse Panels and offered as a part of the unique Quiet Coordinates Acoustical Systems for Walls, Clouds, Ceilings, and Baffles. IMPACT + PLUS are a tough new facing designed for high impact areas such as cafeterias, gynasiums, corridors and more.

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Acoustical Baffle and Wall Panel Systems

Acoustical Baffle Systems offer you a moisture resistant system for swimming pool areas. It can also be applied in cafeterias, ice and roller rinks and recreational areas. CMA's Series 1000 Acoustical Baffle Systems can quiet any loud area, come in a wide array of colors and can be fabricated with school logos, mascots, etc to meet your design needs.

Acoustical Wall Panel Systems can be used in indoor arenas and school systems to give a soft look comparable to a fabric wall panel at a fraction of the cost. Series 2000 Acoustical Wall Panels Systems come with many mounting options making it fast and easy to install. They come in any shape and size to meet your creative needs.

Download CMA Acoustical Baffle and Wall Panel Systems brochure


Fiberglass Encapsulated Pads and Rolls

CMA ProductsFiberglass Encapsulated Pads and Rolls are available in many different sizes and shapes. We can accommodate your unique design needs and specifications with CMA's Series 500. Increase the acoustical performance of your metal ceiling by 8 to 20% with these fiberglass pads.

Download CMA Fiberglass Encapsulated Pads & Rolls brochure

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