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Essi Acoustical has been fabricating custom architectural sound control products since 1984. They provider noise solutions to a range of projects from the largest Hall of Fame Imax theaters, to veterinary facilities and kennels. Essi offers wall absorbers and diffusers along with ceiling absorbers, diffusers and reflectors, to ensure your interior environment has the correct noise controls.

ESSI SilentSpace® provides both quiet and beautiful sound design with diverse wall and ceiling treatments that meet your exacting requirements. Utilizing the effects of shape, pattern, color and finish, Silentspace treatments create the mood you want. By offering you up to 100% absorption of room noise, Silentspace is the sound proofing system you are looking for.

Satisfy six interior requirements in one specification as well as a wide of options, colors and finishes for your next project.

  • Meet acoustical needs
  • Solve surface problems
  • Create visual impact
  • Provide thermal qualities
  • Other time saving installations
  • Economically feasible

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