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Keith Bush Associates, Inc. is a leader in providing architectural materials and supplies to the building industry and is proud to represent the following new manufacturers and innovative new products from leaders in architectural manufacturing.


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Precision cut, hand-finished artisan architectural panels by Parasoleil provide patterns with a purpose that create a sense of space, engineered to withstand the elements and manufactured in the United States. The unique patterns offer a profoundly artistic aesthetic to any space.


Essi Acoustical has been fabricating custom architectural sound control products since 1984. ESSI SilentSpace® provides both quiet and beautiful sound design with diverse wall and ceiling treatments that meet your exacting requirements. Utilizing the effects of shape, pattern, color and finish, Silentspace treatments create the mood you want.


Plaster Concepts offers Piazza Stone, Stock Molds, GRG glass fiber reinforced gypsum and GRC glass-fiber reinforced cement for interior and exterior applications. They boast a 60,000 square feet of production areas, extensive mold and model shop.


Hendrick Architectural Products offers perforated metal panels of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel fabricated to custom design and special features. Applications include signage, exterior cladding, column enclosures, custom railings, all metal applications plus a wide variety of finishes available.


Heartfelt™ A NEW GENERATION OF CEILINGS, inspired by felt as an intriguing material for clothing, furniture, and fashion accessories, the HeartFelt ceiling system provides visual warmth along with natural acoustic control.

Techstyle® Canvas offers thousands of solid colors and color matching to any major paint manufacturer. In addition Canvas comes in a wide range of textures and surface patterns that include leather, wood grain, plaster, and many others.

Mull-It-Over believes that people in glass buildings should not hear their neighbors. White noise devices are not sufficient; a more comprehensive solution is needed. And now there is one.

Sky Acoustics engineers and manufacture acoustical wall and ceiling panels from highly customized shapes and sizes to standard panels. With a strong commitment to quality craftsmanship, Sky Acoustic products bring to life the visions of Architects and Designers worldwide.

Panelmax sculpted wood and laminate custom wall systems offer unique design, ideal for feature walls in hospitality, hospitals, and corporate centers.

The best performing smooth acoustical plaster system in the world! The NEW Fellert “Even Better” Ultra Acoustical Plaster is an all natural finish with unrivaled sound absorption performance! Get the smooth look of finished plaster for a wide range of enclosed-space designs.


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