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9 Wood

Engineered-to-Order Wood Ceilings

Engineered-to-Order Wood Ceilings9Wood, Inc. fabricates suspended wood ceilings. The four founders of 9Wood have a combined total of 32 years experience in the wood ceiling business. They are leaders in the wood ceiling industry, having worked on some of the most challenging and innovative ceiling projects in North America.

“Engineered-to-Order Wood Ceilings” is a technical term used to describe very custom and usually complex manufacturing processes. Fabrication techniques vary with each competitive situation because each environment presents different challenges. These differences involve many processes, but the chief concerns are costs, lead-times, and flexibility surrounding custom designs.

Four stages to birth ETO custom designed wood ceilings:

Design, Budget and Specification Support
Collaborative System Mock-ups
Shop Drawings
Point Scan As-Built Surveys



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