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The RCB System


RCB Associates provides highest quality and performance available in the industry today. RCB maintains custom designs and thinks "outside the box" to accommodate innovative architects, consultants, contractors and end users. RCB manufactures cutting edge products that are truly as functional and cost effective as they are pleasing and exciting in appearance, with zero maintenance.

The RCB System of Acoustic Reflectors and Attachment Systems

  1. A completely customizable product with economic viability in many applications.
  2. A product that was easily installable and complete with all hardware required.
  3. A complete system that does not rely on the installer for parts, measuring, clamping, etc.
  4. An acoustic reflector that truly meets the NRC requirements and is aesthetically enhancing.

Why settle for just hearing a product of your surroundings, when you can be it's director?

The RCB System is the premier reflective control system for multi-use performance environments.

Musical notesIn orchestral and vocal performances, the largest overall loss of tonal quality and volume is in the sound that resonates in the overhead auditorium space, and in the loft area above the stage.

The RCB System is specifically designed to direct this, otherwise lost sound, to the audience. Above the auditorium and stage area RCB reflectors will be set to provide optimal distribution of sounds. This not only enhances the quality of sound, but reduces reliance on electronic manipulation of the sound and its timing.

This engineered and customizable system functions using adjustable, reflective surfaces. These surfaces enable acoustic tuning of space, achieving specific performance parameters. These products are available in the RCB Millennium Series or the RCB Acoustic Panel Series. Both series can be customized to meet your projects exact acoustic and aesthetic requirements. The RCB Wall Mount Attachment System allows quick, easy adjustment of panels in all three planes and can be customized to meet your needs.

The RCB System is designed to be the zero-maintenance, acoustical tuning tool and environment enhancement product.

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To find out more information on RCB Systems, please contact us.

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